Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 6, Books

I've been trying to explain Christmas to the boys. 

We have a tree and we put up lights.  They will get presents and cookies.  I want to plant the seeds of our faith but at the same time I want to enjoy secular Christmas songs, movies, and pictures with Santa.

Somehow my mother was able to combine both Christian Christmas beliefs and secular Christmas beliefs.  I think that I can make it work, too.

We went to the library and got a couple books to go with some that we already owned.

One that we like is B is for Bethlehem.  Not only is it the story of the birth of Christ it's also an alphabet book.

available from

The artwork is captivating and the words are rhyming.  Here's an example:

D is for Donkey, plodding uphill and down
to carry young Mary to Bethlehem town.

I is for Inn where the innkeeper said
there is not any room, not even a bed.

P is for presents three kings place before him
with praise and with love as they kneel to adore him.


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