Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have you heard the word: PINTEREST

By chance, while foolin' around on Twitter,  I happened upon this great website. 

It's called Pinterest.  And it's awesome!

Basically Pinterest is a virtual pin board.  You can pin all kinds of photos, quotes, ideas or anything that inspires you to your pin boards.  People use Pinterest to plan their weddings or parties, to decorate home and to put together their wardrobes. You can follow other people and all of their boards or you can just follow individual boards that interest you.

If you want to pin your free time away,  just go to the site and request an invite. It'll take a couple days but it's worth the wait -- in my opinion.  I'd also be happy to extend an invite.

You can follow all or just a few of my boards.

Follow Me on Pinterest


  1. I'm really loving Pinterest. It's fun, but can easily become a time consuming addiction...like most things on the internet. LOL! :)


  2. I completely agree with you that Pinterest is a time consuming addiction!